Mini Ethnography

Television’s role in society and individual people’s lives has become prominent since televisions became standard in people’s homes. Anything that is so widespread likely affects many aspects of peoples life. Attempting to learn about and find ways in which Television permeates everyday life can be a useful and fruitful practice because it would reveal some important aspect about our society today. In order to understand Television’s influence one would need to have access to people who view television in various capacities. Interviewing a sample of people would be an efficient way to begin to study the effects of television, specifically the way the degree to which people use television to fit in. We focused our study of televison’s influence on the ways in which people use television to fit in and we developed a survey instrument to use in order to get useful information from respondents. Analyzing the answers of respondents it is clear that respondents seem to minimize the degree to which Television plays a role in their lives. Most respondents claim to they do not watch television too frequently, but television is incorporated into some relationships. Many respondents cited recent conversation when asked, which indicates television could be important to them and in some of their relationships. Many respondents do not believe television affects their world views, with some respondents even making statements like “they‘re just shows”, in attempt to further disregard the effects of television in their lives, although the interview may reveal otherwise.

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