A Modest Proposal: It’s Not HBO, It’s Television.

30 Rock is in it’s 5th season and is expected to return for a 6th season. It airs on Thursday on NBC at 10/9c. It’s apart of NBC’s Thursday comedy lineup. Currently NBC airs “Parks and Recreation” before “30 Rock” and the new series “Outsourced” after it.

30 Rock is, in many ways, not the typical sitcom, but it is indicative of a shift in comedies on network television. In the past few years sitcoms have begun to change and adapt to audiences’ changing interests. More and more, people are looking for comedy television shows that are willing to take their audiences a bit more seriously while taking themselves (or their industry) a bit less seriously.

30 Rock relies on it’s quirky characters and relatively quick fire jokes to drive the series forward. Although no one looks at characters like Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) in complete admiration, we should (and some people do). She’s weird and honest. She’s real. Although 30 Rock has not been a ratings magnet for NBC, the few and proud fans of 30 Rock stand by it. So have many critics and industry colleagues as 30 Rock has many awards, including the Emmy’s for Outstanding Comedy Series.

As a comedy series NBC’s “30 Rock” is successful. It delivers pretty well on what it promises: comedy. They really pack it in. As is product, it is not as successful. It doesn’t quite bring in the audience NBC would surely like. They have creatively turned product placement into a running gag and maybe even an art form.  30 Rock has the potential to be the perfect show (for both network executives and comedy lovers). The show’s writers, creator, actors, and guest actors all have the potential to create great television.

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One Response to A Modest Proposal: It’s Not HBO, It’s Television.

  1. bboessen says:

    Sounds good — looking forward to it.

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